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Social Freezing

‘Social Freezing’ puts family planning on hold

Social freezing refers to the freezing of eggs (‘egg banking’) in order to preserve fertility at an older age. For several years, the procedure has become increasingly popular and the medical technology more sophisticated.


Vitrification: your egg remains young at -196 degrees

The unfertilised eggs are stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees, thus remaining in the same condition as they were when collected for many years. Due to the extremely low temperatures, little to low metabolism takes place in the egg cell inhibiting the ageing process. This method makes it possible to induce pregnancy, even if the ovaries or their function have been lost (for example after chemotherapy or very early menopause).


Cryopreservation: gently from 0 to -190 degrees

Cryopreservation is a particularly delicate and complex procedure for freezing eggs. The freezing process is computer-controlled and lasts several hours. Gradually the eggs are brought down to -190 degrees in liquid nitrogen. In this “cold sleep”, the eggs are viable for several years. There is no evidence that freezing increases the risk of foetal disabilities or genetic disorders.

Cryopreservation can also be used for other reasons, which we explain under “Additional Measures/Cryopreservation”.


Take Precautions

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