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The time-lapse procedure always has the child you want in view

Our latest “baby” increases your chances of having the child you want by 10%!

The time-lapse incubator is a new and innovative procedure of in-vitro fertilisation. With an integrated video camera, the time-lapse incubator monitors the development of the embryo around the clock, without disturbing it, thereby increasing the chances of successful artificial insemination. This world-class fertility treatment is now available for you in our practice!


Watch your embryo grow with an integrated camera

This state-of-the-art incubator is equipped with an integrated microscope and camera system that continuously records and documents the cell division of the embryos. For the first time, this makes it possible to closely observe the developmental phases of the embryos and to assess their quality. Every couple wishing to have a child receives their own incubation chamber in our fertility centre.

The odds: higher pregnancy rates, less risk

We know that the embryo develops better, thereby increasing its quality, when it is rarely or never taken out of the incubator system. In conventional observation, developing embryos are usually taken out of the incubator once a day to be viewed under a microscope. This exposes them to fluctuations in temperature and gas conditions. With the time-lapse method, this procedure is no longer necessary.


New images of your embryo every 5 minutes

This specific incubator system is different because the integrated camera takes images of the embryo every 5 minutes. It is particularly important to record the first cell divisions, in order to assess the quality of the embryo. This usually cannot be recorded in normal procedure i.e., observation once a day. The new incubator therefore helps to achieve transferring the embryo with the highest potential, in order to successfully implant and lead to pregnancy

The time-lapse procedure can also be useful in cases where pregnancy has not occurred despite previous multiple embryo transfers. The close evaluation of the embryo’s development can also help to detect any abnormalities.

No more multiple pregnancies

More and more frequently, it is recommended that only one embryo is transferred during fertility treatment (single embryo transfer). Ideally, this would be the embryo most likely to lead to pregnancy. Single embryo transfer can reduce health risks (for example multiple pregnancies) for both mother and child.


Minimised risk of miscarriage

With the help of the time-lapse procedure, it is easier to identify the “best” embryo. Studies show that this can increase the pregnancy rate by approximately 5-10% and at the same time reduce the rate of miscarriage by about 5%. (Time-lapse culture with morpho kinetic embryo selection improves pregnancy and live birth chances and reduces early pregnancy loss: a meta-analysis; C. Pribenszky , A. Nilselid , M. Montag ; Reprod Biomed Online. 2017).

In offering the time-lapse procedure, we are taking a step further on the way to individual, less intrusive and qualitatively better fertility treatment.

Are you planning fertility treatment and would like to know more about the time-lapse procedure? Talk to us and arrange a consultation with your doctor.

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