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Advanced Diagnostics for Men

What’s wrong if everything seems right?

Has the man had an operation or inflammation in the testicle/prostate area?

It is possible that men can develop antibodies against their own sperm, which could be connected to inflammation or a previous surgery in the testicle/prostate area. This may result in sperm clumping together, limiting their mobility. These antibodies can be detected using an MAR test (mixed antiglobulin reaction test).


Type of Examination
Sperm sample with MAR test



Does the man smoke or suffer from obesity?
Has he ever had chemotherapy or radiotherapy?


BFor couples with fertility issues or who have experienced multiple miscarriages, increased cell degradation in the man's sperm may be the cause. Men who smoke, are overweight or have undergone chemotherapy or radiation may be affected by this rapid cell decay. An increased DNA fragmentation rate is also detected in men older than 55. This rapid cell degradation can be detected with a DNA Fragmentation Test.


Type of Examination
Sperm sample with DNA Fragmentation Test



Type of Examination Sperm sample with DNA Fragmentation Test Increasing the chances of having a child

In order to best address any and all obstacles a couple may face in the fertility process, we work closely with medical colleagues working in men's health. We can take advantage of all the fertility resources available to create a unique plan to best achieve your dreams of having a child. Talk to us!

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