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Wanting to have a child:
how can it work out for us too?

The first step towards overcoming fertility issues:
an exact diagnosis

The “Why?” has many possible answers, that can be as different as the future parents themselves. Perhaps it’s hormones, perhaps life circumstances, or perhaps the root of the problem lies somewhere else entirely? Each fertility treatment is preceded by a detailed diagnosis that evaluates all the possible factors at play. Our expert team precisely determines the “why”, before we venture into the “how”: a personalised treatment that makes your dream of having a child a reality.


Fertility Treatment as a couple matter

We always consider fertility treatment a challenge for both partners wishing to have a child. Therefore, if possible, bring your partner with you to the first consultation! Together we will discuss and decide the necessary steps from diagnosis up until pregnancy.


Initial Consultation

During our first in-person consultation, we will discuss your personal fertility situation, as well as your concerns and your expectations. Please bring any existing test results with you to the appointment, for example spermiogram results, laparoscopies or hormone tests.

Together we will discuss whether and which further tests are best for you and determine the course of these diagnostics, before we turn specifically to the “How?” - your tailor-made fertility treatment.


How many appointments should I schedule?

We work according to the “exclusion principle”. This means that in order to rule out possible reasons for your fertility issues, we will initially address those that are most prevalent. While the diagnosis for one patient is quickly established, the next patient may need more analysis in order to find rarer causes. Therefore, the number of necessary appointments will vary on a case-by case basis.



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