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Basic Diagnostics for Women

The miracle of the female cycle: we take a close look at all the contributing factors

The female cycle is a small miracle, whereby many building blocks slot together perfectly so that a pregnancy occurs. The possible factors that can affect fertility are just as complex. Close observation of a cycle provides information about the function of the various steps required in the process:

  • What is the current hormone composition like?

  • What is the current hormone composition like?

  • What is the current hormone composition like?

  • Is the uterus able to sufficiently build up the mucous membrane?

  • Does the patient have any health conditions that increase the risk of miscarriage?

Type of Examination

We use blood tests and ultrasound scans to check your cycle on different days of the month.



Your hormones are conductors of fertility

Hormones control almost all functions in the body and also shape your cycle. Many changes can trigger the production of different hormones: whether one or more eggs are maturing, whether the uterus is ready for implantation or whether you will be able to later breastfeed. Since hormones fluctuate over the course of a cycle, we check them at several points in time to look for possible attributing factors.


Type of Test

Multiple blood tests over the course of your cycle



Your immune system - how to protect the child you want from infections

The pregnancy you have longed for has finally occurred, and suddenly you catch rubella, an infectious disease that can be dangerous for the baby’s development. Similar effects can occur with first infections of measles and chickenpox. As a result, we test your immunity to infectious diseases before we begin fertility treatment.

Vaccination against some viral infections can also be carried out as a preventative measure, for example against rubella, measles, chicken pox, etc. If you are lacking immunity with certain infections, vaccination is recommended before starting fertility treatment. A test for hepatitis B and C as well as an HIV test is also required by law before beginning fertility treatment.

Please bring your vaccination certificate with you to your consultation. This will save you time and money.


Type of examination

Vaccination certificate check, blood test (and possible vaccination, if needed)



Your thyroid gland influences your cycle and the development of the child you want

A thyroid dysfunction is something that many people may not notice in daily life, but it can be detrimental for you wanting to have a child. Good thyroid function supports the normal development of a child during pregnancy, while an underactive one can affect your fertility. A thyroid examination provides information and examines whether you may have an auto-immune disease of the thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s disease for example). These kinds of diseases are suspected to increase the risk of miscarriage.


Type of examination

Blood test. If necessary, further examinations such as a thyroid gland ultrasound




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