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Polar body diagnostics examines chromosomes of the fertilised egg cell

Polar Body Diagnosis (PKD)

In examining polar bodies, we can draw conclusions of whether there are any chromosomal defects in the egg. Polar body diagnostics was developed to prevent eggs with chromosome maldistributions (for example trisomy 21) from being transferred into the uterine cavity. To carry out PKD, the polar bodies of the fertilised egg are removed and 6 of the chromosomes (13, 15, 16, 18, 21 and 22) are tested. Maldistributions of the chromosomes previously mentioned are responsible for the majority of miscarriages caused by genetic issues. Disturbances in the distribution of these chromosomes usually lead to a pregnancy not occurring after embryo transfer or to an early death of the embryo (abortion). However, this can also result in the child being ill when they are born. Specific hereditary genetic defects in the mother can also be detected with the help of polar body diagnostics. This method does not increase pregnancy rate but does however lower the miscarriage rate to a minimum in relation to the chromosomes examined.

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